Scientists have discovered an incredible secret of Cleopatra

The find was found in the ruins of the house merchant of perfumes

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Ученые раскрыли невероятный секрет Клеопатры

Revealed two thousand years of mystery of Cleopatra

The excavations on the site of the ancient city Tait researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa was able to recreate the smell of ancient Egyptian spirits, who, quite likely, used Queen Cleopatra two thousand years ago. Details of the discovery were published by the website the Smithsonian.

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Scientists discovered in the ruins of the house Taite dealer’s perfume, and the vessels, which contained the remains of the spirits. After chemical analysis, the experts managed to uncover some of the ingredients. This allowed us to reconstruct two flavors, cited in historical sources – medesinski and malopinsky.

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The basis of perfume was myrrh – resin obtained from trees of the family burseraceae (Burseraceae) growing in the horn of Africa (Somalia) and the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, experts have identified the cardamom, olive oil and cinnamon. Recreated spirits made strong, persistent odors, reeking of musk.

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