Scientists have discovered how music can change the taste of the cheese

Ученые выяснили, как музыка может изменить вкус сыра

Scientists conducted an interesting experiment.Manufacturer of cheese Bits Wampfler and staff of the University of arts in Bern conducted an interesting experiment. They checked, does different genres of music on the taste of cheese, reports the with reference to Ocportal.

According to the authors, this “experiment between sound and gastronomy”. For six months he was held in the basement Bit Wampfler. Eight laps Emmenthal cheese were kept in different sound conditions. Initially, each assigned a musical genre, from rock to techno and classical melodies of Mozart. Simultaneously, the manufacturer has kept the original party, which served as the control group.

Full list of audio signals:Ambient: Yellо – “Monolith”Classical music: W. A. Mozart – “the Magic flute”Techno: Vril – “UV”Rock: Led Zeppelin – “Stairway to Heaven”mid frequency: 200 khorvatska frequency: 1000 kchip-Hop: A Tribe Called Quest – “Jazz (We’ve Got)”Low frequency: 25 kgca Tribe Called Quest – “Jazz (We’ve Got)”

As the test used two social survey. Read more about them, said the Deputy Dean of the faculty of music University of arts in Bern, Peter Kraut (Peter Kraut):

“We conducted two surveys. One research – participated in a random respondents for the second called culinary experts and collected a jury. In both cases, people came to the conclusion that the taste and smell of cheese there are differences, depending on, what music they were exposed”.

Both groups the majority expressed a preference for cheese, which is stored by the song “Jazz (We’ve Got)” hip-hop by A Tribe Called Quest. The head of the jury Lutui Benjamin (Benjamin Luzuy) said that hip-hop brought cheese to the “soft and flowery” taste.

According to Kraut, this experiment has not been completed. The researchers plan to conduct a chemical analysis of cheese, to see whether there were differences in their composition due to the impact of the music.


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