Scientists have discovered how the snakes lost their limbs

Ученые выяснили, как змеи лишились конечностей

Reptiles lost in the evolution of some of their genes due to the degenerate visual systems.

German scientists have learned how the snakes in the course of evolution have lost their legs, writes Nature Communications.

According to the researchers from Institute of molecular cell biology and genetics max Planck in Dresden, it happened due to the degradation of the eye, the genes of reptiles have lost the ability to encode proteins. Scientists have studied the genomes of about 30 snakes and found a set of CRE, the mutation of which might just lead to loss of limbs.

Those mammals that have degraded the visual system, isolated from the genomes of certain genes, typically associated with the formation of the lens and photoreceptor cells in the eyes.

Experts have compared the genomes of snakes with a variety of reptiles and vertebrates. CRE was just one of the regulatory elements for one of several genes that control the formation of limbs.

We will remind, last year in Indonesia, a giant Python swallowed woman, and in Australia, a Python ate a cat.

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