Scientists have discovered statuette by the age of 40 thousand years, confirming the existence of giants

Ученые обнаружили статуэтку возрастом 40 тысяч лет, подтверждающую существование великанов

Clay statuette of the age of 40 thousand years was proof of the existence of the cult of the great Mother and great people in General.

Experts have suggested that the finding may indicate the existence of giants in ancient times, according to the with reference to

Found statue is 13 inches high and depicts lying on the side of a woman with large hips. The study scientists came to the conclusion that the way the ancients portrayed fertility. A unique thing for the first time found in the underground sanctuary, the Hypogeum, and later a similar statue has been found in France. Similar figures were later found in different parts of the world that has led scientists to the idea of the cult of the giants.

In some books is described that the giants came into the world from heaven, was conceived with women children, which often resulted in the death of the earth. According to legend, this behavior was not liked by the God who banished the giants from the sky, which led to the emergence of the fallen angels and their offspring were destroyed by a flood.


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