Scientists have discovered the bones of a giant dinosaur on the banks of the Volga

Ученые обнаружили кости гигантского динозавра на берегу Волги

The age of the finds, scientists estimated at about 130 million years old.

Paleontologists from the United Kingdom have described a new species of dinosaur volatiana – seven vertebrae that were found on the banks of the Volga river, five kilometers from Ulyanovsk.

The age of the finds, scientists estimated at about 130 million years, writes the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

Volatity, he Volgatitan simbirskiensis, belongs to the group of sauropods – giant plant-eating dinosaur with a long neck and tail that lived on Earth about 200-65 million years ago. Ancient reptile from the banks of the Volga weighed about 17 tons, but was not the biggest among her relatives.

Apparently, it was the adult: the age determined by the neural arches, which are completely fused with the vertebrae themselves.

The remains of the dinosaur were discovered near the village of Shale Mine. It was there, in 1982, Vladimir Yefimov found three large vertebra had fallen from a high cliff. Later, in the years 1984-1987, was found the remaining vertebrae. The staff of the local paleontological Museum named unusual finds “the giant vertebrae of unknown taxonomic affiliation”.

“In the early 1990-ies Vladimir Efimov showed pictures of bones known paleontologist Lev Nisovo. Lev suggested that the vertebrae belong to the giant herbivorous dinosaurs – sauropods. In 1997 Vladimir Yefimov published a preliminary note about this discovery in the Paleontological journal, which attributed the vertebrae of the sauropod family Brachiosauridae. In July of last year I finally managed to study bones, and also managed to identify them as belonging to a new taxon titanosaurs”, – said one of the authors of the discovery, Professor Vladimir Averyanov.

This lizard is the twelfth species of the ancient reptiles that belong to one of the two groups of dinosaurs and describes the findings made in Russia. Among them, only three sauropods: Tengrisaurus starkovi, Sibirotitan astrosacralis and Volgatitan simbirskiensis.

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