Scientists have discovered the secret of building the Egyptian pyramids

Ученые выяснили секрет строительства египетских пирамид

Solve the mystery of the ancient Egyptians-builders ofthe Question of how to build the Great Egyptian pyramids, haunted historians and researchers for a long time, writes the with reference to

However, more recently a scientific expedition, which was engaged in the study of ancient inscriptions, thousands of years ago, salty ancient Egypt, stumbled on a major discovery.

The scientist opened the mystery of how the ancient workers were building such huge monuments, like the pyramids. A joint team of researchers from Britain and France conducted excavations in Hatnub career, during which he discovered the ramp. As it turned out, it was built around the same time as the Pyramid of Cheops – about 4,5 thousand years.

The discovery could seriously change the representation of already known theories about how ancient workers built such a huge complex of pyramids, lifting weighing several tons of stone blocks. In addition, the researchers found that such a mechanism as the pulley was invented much earlier than previously thought.

The ancient ramp carved into the rock and consists of two stone stairs with recess under the wooden beams. Thanks to the well preserved pictures of trenches, scientists were able to determine how it functioned once. Scientists came to the conclusion to raise a heavy stone block had the participation of two groups of workers brigades: the first brigade with the help of ropes and a pulley system pulled from the top, and the other team pulled the block with the help of the rope, but from the bottom. In the report the researchers stated that this primitive system is very effective in use and that is likely with using this technology could be built and the Pyramid of Cheops.

This type of ramp previously met during the excavations of “ancient Greece”, where it is often applied around the first Millennium BC, but the discovery in Egypt indicates that this technology was invented long before the Greeks

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