Scientists have discovered what alcoholic beverage most harmful to the liver

Учёные выяснили, какой алкогольный напиток самый вредный для печени

The doctors called the main “killer” of the liver.Researchers from the Medical school at Indiana University (USA) found that even in a very small number of drinking beer can cause damage to the body.

Scientists carried out an experiment in which volunteers received a beer in a quantity containing 15 ml of alcohol.

It is believed that with such a small amount of alcohol beverage, the brain may not be affected.

Western medicine evaluates as “safe” dose of alcohol for men 30-40 ml of alcohol (per day) for women – no more than 20-30 ml. But the study using the MRI scanner showed that after 15 ml of beer in the brain began the process leading to a sharp release of dopamine, which a person develops an addictive and growing need for a higher dose of alcohol. In this situation most affected the liver.

“People do not consider beer an alcoholic beverage, so beer alcoholism develops faster and leads to more serious consequences than drinking spirits,” said the researchers.

According to them, today in beer often contains not characteristic of his classic recipe ingredients. Some of them carcinogenic, experts said.

Daily dose of beer in two or three mugs is extremely dangerous for the liver.

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