Scientists have discovered what blood is associated with higher risk of death

Ученые выяснили, какая группа крови связана с наивысшим риском смерти

A study conducted in Japan.

People with first blood is likely to die from a serious injury – threat is increasing almost threefold compared to those with other groups, reports the with reference to

This conclusion was made by Japanese researchers, examined data on 901 patient emergency. It was found that among patients with severe injuries that cause death or long-term recovery period, mortality in patients with the first blood group is 28%. Other groups the risk is 11%.

As you know, the people with first blood type are at higher risk of bleeding due to poor clotting. This may be due to low content in their blood glycoprotein of blood plasma.

Also, doctors suggest that this study raises the question of how emergency platelet transfusion the first blood group to patients with severe injuries can affect the bleeding stop.


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