Scientists have explained the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah

Ученые объяснили библейскую историю о Содоме и Гоморре

The data indicate a powerful explosion

The biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah – the cities of supposedly erased God from the face of the Earth for the sins of their inhabitants, could be based on a real historical event, reports the with reference to UNIAN.

Apparently, almost four millennia ago, near the Dead sea was a massive explosion of the meteorite that could destroy entire villages and carry away tens of thousands of lives.

The explosion occurred on the territory of modern Jordan – now there’s a huge round rivets with a diameter of about 25 km. To such conclusion have come the archaeologists, for 13 years leading excavations in the ancient city of tall El-Hammam, which some scholars considered to be the prototype of the biblical Sodom.

In the Bronze age, tall El-Hammam was a huge thriving city and a major administrative centre. It was surrounded by a 2.5-kilometer-long protective wall up to a height of 15 m and with thickness up to 30 m – with several gates and watch towers. By the time of the disaster, the area was inhabited for more than 2500 years. However, several factors indicate that about 3700 years ago, the city was almost instantly destroyed by a powerful blast of hot air.

The explosion brought destruction on the territory of nearly 500 square kilometers, after which it remained uninhabited for approximately seven centuries.

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