Scientists have explained the phenomenon of the calm before the storm

Ученые объяснили феномен затишья перед штормом

The sea is surprisingly calm just before a hurricane because of the specific processes caused by the interaction of wind, waves, splashes and foam.

This explanation came physics is pondering over the phenomenon of calm before the storm, according to the with reference to

“When the wind speed increases, and increases the amount of foam on the surface of the water. Foam effectively suppresses short waves and smooths the ripples formed by the wind. A strong wind contributes to the decrease in the mean size of the spray, i.e., drops create less drag. This process like a vicious circle, because due to less resistance to the wind increases even more,” says Yuliya Troitskaya, Institute of applied physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Nizhny Novgorod.

To understand why the water surface becomes very quiet just before a storm, Russian physicists have helped the modeling of the sea hurricane in the laboratory.

Trinity with colleagues filled a small canal with water and passed through him, a powerful stream of air.

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The interaction of water and air were recorded with a high-speed camera, and then the scientists as follows analyzed the material and made a number of interesting conclusions, which to them no one came.


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