Scientists have explained why the rice is harmful to health

Ученые рассказали, почему рис может навредить здоровью

This grass is able to absorb contamination from the soil.

Rice found toxic chemicals and recommend limiting its use, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

Scientists from New Orleans told about the dangerous impact of rice on the health that enters international markets from China, India and Thailand. The plant actively accumulates harmful substances. During the study experts found that imported from the listed countries rice contains high amounts of arsenic, lead and other hazardous elements.

Scientists attribute this to pollution of groundwater in Asian countries. According to American experts, regular consumption of this rice contributes to the development of incurable diseases and, therefore, they recommend to strictly limit its quantity in the diet.

After the publication by the Western publications materials research experts from the US, users began to actively discuss this topic. Some of them said that in China and India, people often eat rice and the number of people in these countries are not reduced.

According to users, the results of the study about the dangers of this product are greatly exaggerated in order to expose the bad products of the Eastern countries.

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