Scientists have figured out what started the ice age

Ученые выяснили, из-за чего начался ледниковый период

A way out of rocks has had a dramatic impact on the chemical composition of Earth’s atmosphere.A team of scientists from the United States discovered that the Earth has experienced at least three major glacial period, over 540 million years, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

Each one was preceded by massive tectonic accumulation near the equator. The findings of scientists, published in the journal Science, the new way to assess the causes of such periods, which until that time was associated with the eruption of volcanoes.

A team of scientists led by Francis MacDonald from the University of California in the beginning searched for the collision of tectonic plates, which originated in the Himalayas. When the oceanic plate begins to push the continental, a number of new rocks. The team found two clashes in the tropical zones near the equator, responsible for the appearance of the famous mountains. But scientists also noticed that these clashes are instantly led to the events for which the global atmosphere is cold.

So they wondered: could the emergence of new rocks to cause chemical reaction, which led to global cooling? Assessing the intensity with which the rocks of the ophiolite interact with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they found that they could remove from the atmosphere large amounts of greenhouse gases to trigger an ice age. Then the scientists decided to test whether similar patterns in other glacial periods, which have survived Earth. They traced the occurrence of significant cooling for 540 million years and compare them with places of continental collisions.

The results showed that before each ice age there were clashes in the tropical zone. See also Scientists have recorded accelerated melting of glaciers According to researchers, the heat and humidity in the tropics helped the calcium and magnesium in the rocks to enter into chemical reaction with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As a result, large volumes of greenhouse gases just disappear. Now mankind is living in the ice age that began 2.5 million years ago. Now the world is in the cycle, during which on Earth there is a warming within the ice age.


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