Scientists have found a way to extract information out of the black hole

Ученые нашли способ извлечь информацию из черной дыры

The secret is in quantum entanglement.

Black holes are a “gravitational monsters”, within which is a compression of the gas and dust to a state of a tiny point, according to the with reference to

According to modern physics, the information about the particles is lost forever after falling into a black hole. However, in accordance with the results of the new experiment of quantum mechanics can be used to “see” into a black hole.

“In quantum physics, information can’t be lost forever, said Kevin’s landsman (Landsman Kevin), graduate student at joint quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, USA. – Instead, the information can be hidden or “smeared” among inextricably linked to each other subatomic particles.”

It’s landsman and co-authors showed that they can measure when and how quickly the information is “spread” inside a simplified model of a black hole – that allowed to “look” at those entities that were previously impossible to understand.

In the 1970s, the famous British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking showed that black holes can shrink in size. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, before the event horizon of a black hole or the point of no return – continuously born a pair of subatomic particles. One particle of the pair falls into the black hole while the other particle flies away from the black hole and carries away a small part of the energy.

Thus, over time there is a decrease in the mass-energy of the black hole – its “evaporation” – due to the radiation, called Hawking radiation.

In your new experiment’s landsman and his team show how you can use one of Hawking pairs of particles to obtain information about the particle inside the black hole. Because this pair of particles is in a state of quantum entanglement, as one of the particle pairs is closely related to the state of the second particle, and the measurement of the properties of one particle can reveal important properties of the other.

Using another, external qubit, physicists can determine at what point information about the properties of the particles being within this ternary system, the “spread” between them as well as to assess the extent of this “smearing”. More importantly, the calculations showed that the specific relationship between two individual particles were stronger than the ties of each of the particles of this pair with all other particles of “black hole”, said the authors.


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