Scientists have found an unusual source of valuable biofuel

Ученые нашли необычный источник ценнейшего биотоплива

Experts have found a method of producing biofuel using marine crustaceanshave a lot of time the scientific community is in search of a cheap method of producing low-carbon fuel that could fully replace petroleum. And most likely this will help us crustaceans, writes the with reference to Ocportal

Edition of Nature Communications reports that a group of scientists from York University have detected in the digestive tract of marine invertebrate protein compounds, which is capable of processing wood in a low-carbon fuel, reports Ocportal with reference to High technology.

These organisms are called Limnoriidae. This family of crustaceans has 55 species from 1 to 10 mm in length. They have adapted to absorb waste wood, brought from the rivers to the sea. They can be described as “sea termites,” as they can “eat” even the wooden ships.

The study Limnoriidae, it was found that the body initially “grind” the wood into many small particles in the upper gastrointestinal tract, and then in the lower intestine during the process of splitting under the influence of proteins hemocyanin (GH7) is split into glucose and other substances.

Another study showed that treatment of wood emotsiyami gives in 2 times more low molecular weight sugars than modern methods of thermochemical processing of wood. Received connection can already run on biofuels.

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