Scientists have found out, how could appear the asteroid Ryugu

Ученые выяснили, откуда мог появиться астероид Рюгу

The Ryuga has a pretty dark color.

The Japanese “Hayabusa 2” is in the Ryugu asteroid in June 2018. Having been on the asteroid for several months, the spacecraft has collected a lot of information. In fact, in September last year, he launched two of the tiny Rover to explore the surface of the asteroid, and only in February last year, he collected rock samples from the surface, writes the with reference to

One of the mysteries of the Ryuga, however, is precisely where the asteroid came from. It is believed that small asteroids, such as the Ryuga, came from older source rocks during the evolution of the Solar system and their orbits suggests that they came from a belt of mini-planets between Mars and Jupiter.

Until now it was difficult to determine exactly where did the Ryuga, but scientists believe that they could figure out two possible asteroid that could be the parents of Ryugu.

On the one hand, the Ryuga has a pretty dark color, and in fact it is considered one of the darkest objects in our solar system. Thus, the color goes best with the two main-belt asteroids, Clearing and Eulalia. According to scientists, the probability that Ryuga came to one of these two, is from 80 to 90 percent.


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