Scientists have found the remains of ancient continent under the ice of Antarctica

                                Ученые нашли остатки древних континентов под льдом Антарктики

The discovery will help better understand the past and future of our planet.

Discover the remains of ancient continents succeeded with the help of satellite gravity mapping of the European space Agency. Collected data allowed to clearly identify the type of surface under the ice in Antarctica — cratons.

“Cratons are ancient parts of the lithosphere and form the oldest foundations of the continents. Understanding their structure and length is the key to answering all the questions about the early history of the Earth and how solid surface influenced the evolution of the planet, which is extremely linked to climate and its future”, — said the scientist Joerg Ebbing from the University of Kiel.

According to the German scholar, through seismological studies it is easy to detect the difference between East and West Antarctica. “Our data seem to indicate that East Antarctica is not a single craton, and the whole fusion craton particles. These findings lead us to the supercontinent Gondwana and the Association of the Antarctic continents that surround it,” said Ebbing, stressing that the Antarctic from many points of view is still a white spot.

As reported by “Around the world. Ukraine”, scientists have created the most accurate map of Antarctica.

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