Scientists have identified an unexpected benefit of alcohol

Ученые выявили неожиданное преимущество алкоголя

It turned out that red wine in small doses, promotes longevity.

Scientists have for many years tried to find the secret of longevity and it is not surprising that one of the scientific studies conducted in 2003, was called “a Study of 90+,” according to the with reference to Znaiu.

Scientists in the study, has been studying the lives of centenarians and simply elderly people. The aim of this work is to understand what these people helped to live that long.

Based on the experts took a 1981 study entitled “Global study of comfortable life”, in which over 14,000 participants were answering different questions in the questionnaire.

Study participants twice a year passed neurological and neurophysiological tests, and in addition, the researchers had available all the information about their medical history, diet, daily activity, medication, and General lifestyle – all of it carefully collected and analyzed.

In addition, the experts came to a rather unexpected conclusion: people who under all other conditions, regularly drinking alcohol in moderation, lived significantly longer than those who did not.

That’s what they write about themselves researchers:

“Thanks to the survey of 1981, we found that people who consumed a day from one to two glasses of beer, wine or cider, reduced thereby their chance of sudden death on the order of 9-15%. The participants regularly engaged in 1981, the sport has reduced thanks to this, your risk of sudden death in an amount of from 15 to 35%”.

According to the doctor of medicine, Professor of psihiatrie, neurology and Medical psychology center of the University of Pittsburgh Jim Becker, it is important to moderate amount of alcohol:

“The collected data do confirm the fact that moderate consumption of certain alcoholic beverages, especially red wine can have some positive impacts on health. But this does not necessarily mean that, if you are 70 years old, and you want to live longer, you need to start drinking every day”

We therefore advise you to drink no more than drink (and quality) of red wine, but don’t forget about regular exercise – running or fast walking.

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