Scientists have identified differences in the effect of diets on men and women

Ученые определили разницу в действии диет на мужчин и женщин

Men lose weight faster.

Scientists have determined that the same diet have different effects on male and female body. In the first case, there is a rapid response to lowering the number of calories in the diet, a rapid weight loss, it has been proven through scientific experiments, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

Women who adhere to any restrictions in food, the process of losing weight slower. Pia Christensen from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) reported that the researchers took into account the difference in the initial body weight of volunteers. Long observations have shown that men diet be more helpful than the ladies.

Experiments on laboratory mice and other animals actively conducted in 60-x years of the XX century. They showed that lowering the number of calories in the daily diet of the animals extend their life. For decades biology has identified several dozen types of hormones. They are potentially involved in the phenomenon of weight loss.

Monitoring the health of people who eat small amounts of food, indicate that a low calorie diet protects the body against the development of diabetes, strokes and hypertension. Scientists point to the obstruction of atherosclerosis, as well as other factors. They are associated with the cardiovascular system.

“Food austerity”, according to Christensen, a positive effect on men and women.

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