Scientists have invented a more effective analogue of the lie detector

Ученые изобрели более эффективный аналог детектора лжи

The device will record only one parameter – the change in the pupils.

The world has formed the opinion that polygraphs, which are also called lie detectors are not reliable in their work a lot depends not only on perfection of the instrument itself, as proven by many experts and operators through a polygraph, that is, from his professional abilities, experience and even talent of the psychologist. But, as a rule, such people can easily determine whether somebody’s lying or not, without any equipment, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

That is why polygraph has never been in litigation, although they are still widely used, for example, when recruiting staff in critical government agencies – the CIA, the KGB, and so on. This is understandable, since the greatest psychologists who know how to distinguish lies from truth, in world units, and structures where it is necessary to check a person’s honesty, is the sea.

But because the inventors of all stripes did not leave the hope to invent new, more sophisticated lie detector. So, it seems company-startup “Converus” managed to do it. At least advertising channels today in full blow about the unique system “EyeDetect,” created this startup. It is reported that “EyeDetect” uses an AI system that is trained to identify the signs based on the analysis of even the slightest changes in the pupil size of the subjects, the response of the eye to the issues.

The company claims that the reliability of their systems is at least 86% plus it is much cheaper than the polygraph. Probably, yielding to these assurances, “EyeDetect” already being used by major American companies when recruiting staff. In the media flashed the information that the contract with startup “Converus” to provide services in Guatemala, Paraguay and so on made even the U.S. state Department. Customs officers, United States military allegedly also experiencing today, this unique technology is extremely necessary in such state structures.

But what is says about “EyeDetect,” Professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota William Iacono:

I believe that the company “Converus” more professional not to create a lie detector, and in its promotion. I am surprised that quite respectable clients pay for this dubious service a lot of money and actually use it on living people, making on the basis of this some conclusions, which sometimes depend on the fate of these subjects. It’s just awful! We have tested the performance “EyeDetect,” she does not exceed 50 per cent, that is, any person can work with the same efficiency without any device and a good psychologist will give “EyeDetect” a hundred points. Speech in this case is not about the testing of innovative machine, but rather about fashion trends from the field of artificial intelligence with the aim to promote the market of dubious technology.

Note, the world’s leading scientists working in the development and improvement of AI, there is confidence that in the near future, you can create an effective lie detector based on the artificial intelligence, if that’s even possible with modern scientific approaches.

That’s why a good psychologist is still worth hundreds of polygraphs, if I may say so and compare. But more correct would be to say that without a good operator is an experienced psychologist, none of the lie detector is not worth a damn…

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