Scientists have learned how to translate the “language” of mice

Ученые научились переводить «язык» мышей

Rodents to communicate with each other using ultrasonic vocalizations.

Scientists from Washington University have created an algorithm DeepSqeak, which is able to recognize the sounds made by mice. Reported by the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

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In squeak it is possible to understand the mood of the rodent, his emotional state and even character. Program developers have used the technology of convolutional neural networks which extracts individual sounds in the rat “speech” and klassificeret them – so it creates a kind of dictionary.

Scientists have found that the frequency of sounds of rodents, has a meaning. So, peep in 50 kilohertz speaks to the positive emotional attitude, 20 kHz – negative.

It is particularly noted that the communication samples of mice and rats have differences. The researchers plan to continue working on a project to expand opportunities of the program and decipher the sounds made by other rodents.

Previously, scientists came to the conclusion that the sign language of chimpanzees is based on the same principle as human speech. Only the chimpanzee has counted 58 different types of “games” sign. Scientists have analyzed thousands of examples of their use and revealed clear patterns.


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