Scientists have linked the human embryo and the monkey: all the details

Research is carried out to grow new organs for transplantation

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Ученые соединили эмбрион человека и обезьяны: все подробности

Scientists have created an embryo-Chimera of human and monkey

Scientists from the U.S. and Spain have introduced human stem cells into monkey embryos to grow new organs for transplantation. The result of the experiments was an embryo with a human cell, which never came to light because the scientists stopped the process. The studies were conducted in China, according to El Pais, with reference to the biologist and Vice-rector for research of the Catholic University of Murcia Esterel Nunez.

“The final goal is to create a human body that is suitable for transplantation, however, the path to the goal almost as interesting to scientists,” said núñez.

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Transgenic macaques was not observed increase in the size of the brain above the norm, but they are better took tests on memory and recognition.

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The results and the study itself has been criticized by other scientists who believe that adding human genes associated with brain development, the genome of monkeys does not conform to ethical standards.

Recall that an American born girl, who appeared from the embryo, who was 24 years frozen. In addition, scientists have learned to “edit” the embryos.

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