Scientists have made a startling discovery about Nibiru

Ученые сделали поразительное открытие о Нибиру

Scientists have admitted that Nibiru (also known as planet 9 and planet X) pushed them to the discovery of the most distant object in the Solar system called FarFarOut.

Researchers from the Science, the Carnegie Institute and Northern Arizona University are hunting for planet killer Nibiru 2014, reports the with reference to

FarFarOut – the newest result of their purposeful search. During a snow storm at the end of last month, one of the scientists decided to organize the data that was obtained by Subaru telescope in Hawaii.

The two pictures of the sky for 2018 were seen dim, drifting object – its change in position meant that it was not a background star, and a new object in a distant orbit around the Sun.

Good luck after this other astronomers joined the active search for Nibiru. Researchers at the California Institute of technology also announced the approximate mass and size of the planet killer.

Therefore, it is believed that Nibiru could “pull” FarFarOut under the gravitational forces of Neptune, and thus it will continue to influence the fate of the Solar system.


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