Scientists have made a surprising finding about the dangers of sweet tea

Ученые сделали неожиданный вывод о вреде сладкого чая

The addition of sugar in tea increases the risk of dementia.

A new study of a group of American scientists led by Dr. Doug brown concluded with a verdict on that sweet tooth and like to drink tea with sugar added 54% more risk to get dementia, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

“Add to tea just two and a half teaspoons of sugar significantly increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease” – such is the opinion of scientists.

In some cases, the use of tea can bring many benefits. Tea leaves contain tannins – substances increase the tone and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Sugar increases the effect of tannins on the blood vessels and the nervous system as a whole. Tea with sugar helps in cases of weakness and physical exhaustion, headaches and hangovers. Tea brew in the reaction with sugar allocates catechins, which are potent analgesics, and have antimicrobial action.

But scientists emphasize: the use of tea with sugar should be rare and not a regular phenomenon in the diet. Research has demonstrated that regular drinking of tea with the addition of only one sugar increases the likelihood of dementia in humans by 47% compared to those who drink sugary drinks once in three months.

“Too much sugar in diet linked to type II diabetes, and previous studies have identified diabetes as a risk factor for development of dementia. In addition to all the nutrients in the liquid sugar is able to absorb the vitamin B1, is vital to the health of the nervous system,” – said on this occasion, the head of research Doug brown.

In addition, addiction to sweet tea is bad for the figure. It is proved that the refusal of the habit to add sugar in our tea without any additional effort lost 1.5-2 pounds.

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