Scientists have named the cause of the extinction of primitive people

Ученые назвали причину вымирания первобытных людей

Homo erectus became extinct due to the fact that he had not made sufficient efforts to create tools.Scientists from the Australian national University said that members of the species Homo erectus (Homo erectus), the ancestors of the people of the modern type, became extinct because they were too lazy. Homo erectus used a “strategy of least effort” in the manufacture of tools, reports the with reference to

According to researchers, this fact and the inability to adapt to climate change led to the disappearance of ancient people. Scientists say that for the manufacture of stone tools, the representatives of this type used the first stones, which are often inferior in quality to those used by the people of the modern type.

In the study, researchers examined the location of ancient sites of archaic people, where were found artifacts made of stones, which lay at the foot of the hill. At the same time on the hills were untouched breeds that are more suitable for creating tools.

According to researchers, the ancient people have not changed their approach to the creation of instruments even when environmental conditions began to change.

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