Scientists have named the main differences between man and future

Ученые назвали главные отличия человека будущего

In the near future, the number of teeth in humans will decrease as the size of the brain – which is associated with food and activities.

Scientists said that the modern man there are some vestiges of that in the next generation will disappear. So, should decrease the number of teeth as the subcutaneous muscles. About it writes TCH.

“Vestigial organs will gradually disappear. The same acute appendicitis decreased by one third compared to 30 years ago,” the researchers note.

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Also, experts predict an increase in human growth to over two meters. In parallel with the growth will increase and the length of the fingers. But the number of teeth and size of mouth decreases because of the soft food.

In addition, it is very likely the darkening of skin color due to the mixing of races and the appearance of wrinkles associated with the effects of sunlight.

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