Scientists have predicted global environmental catastrophe

Ученые предсказали глобальную экологическую катастрофу

To irreversible consequences on the Ground will result in a rapid reduction in the number of insects.

In Australia, scientists came to the conclusion that the Earth is waiting for an environmental disaster. It is reported

Experts analyzed information from 70 databases all over the world, collected for over a century. They found that the annual biomass of insects in the world is reduced by 2.5 percent.

Main causes of death in insects is the destruction of their habitats by urban growth and agricultural land, use of pesticides and poisons. This leads to the fact that the number of 50% of all insect species are decreasing rapidly, and about one third will die soon.

Insects are a key link in the food chain and pollination of plants. Reducing their numbers will lead to catastrophic collapse of ecosystems. So for 30 years in Europe due to the reduction of insect population by 80% the number of birds was reduced by 400 million individuals.

To stop this process can only be possible by abandoning the use of insecticides and pesticides.

Before scientists predicted the onset of large-scale chaos on Earth. It was also reported that the forecast about the growth of the level of the ocean reduced seven times.

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