Scientists have proven that life after death does not exist

Ученые доказали, что жизни после смерти не существует

American scientists from the California Institute of technology have refuted the existence of life after death and urge people to stop believing in the afterlife.

According to Professor of physics and cosmology Sean Carroll, the afterlife could confirm the quantum tests, which “certainly would have detected some of the particles of the spirit.” Writes about this on his website Robert Lanza.

However, to date such testing has not revealed elements of “share the spirit”, which suggests that life after death does not exist.

These findings scientist announced, referring to quantum field theory, about the availability of individual fields for all types of particles, including photons, electrons, protons and other particle types.

In his opinion, life after death could exist only in the case if consciousness was separate from the physical body. However, the human mind is composed of atoms, which are not able to save the data from the brain after death, he added.

Carroll also noted that the results of the study on the probability of the existence of the afterlife is based on fundamental physical laws and urged people to stop believing in life after death.

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