Scientists have solved the mystery of the plaintive “puppy look”

Typical cute look “puppy dog eye” developed in dogs due to people

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Ученые разгадали секрет жалобного "щенячьего взгляда"

Look dogs subconsciously make people to show them care

Human evolution led to the emergence of dogs have a more intense look. As found by scientists from the British University of Portsmouth, the dogs for a million years has developed special muscle, which forms the famous “puppy look”, from which melt the hearts of many people. Tellingly, the wolves are not able to manipulate the emotions of people because of its absence.

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Discovered muscle allows dogs to raise an internal “eyebrow” so that their view becomes more expressive. This face makes dogs more attractive than something like child, puppy dog eyes which subconsciously makes people care.

Ученые разгадали секрет жалобного "щенячьего взгляда"

Special muscle above the eye in dogs make them look more “human”

To test this in practice, a scientist-biologist Julian Kaminski colleagues took video of how dogs interact with strangers in a shelter to see what factors affect their attractiveness to prospective owners.

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The researchers analyzed 6 dogs and 4 of the gray wolf to compare their facial muscles. In dogs, the movement of the eyebrows is carried out by the internal muscle of the eyebrows – in 5 of 6 dogs were the muscle. This muscle movement was given the name AU101. Wolves it is expressed by a separate cluster of fibers, and the dogs have evolved into full-fledged muscle that help them to survive when communicating with a person. The only exception was the Siberian husky is an ancient breed, more closely related to wolves.

We will remind that earlier the photographer showed the similarities between people and dogs. The scientists also found similarities between the fullness in people and dogs.

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