Scientists have uncovered the mysterious phenomenon of lightning: video

Physics finally were able to understand the mystery of nature, why lightning strikes in the same place

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 06:30

Ученые раскрыли загадочный феномен молний: видео

Physicists have solved the mystery of the nature of lightning

It is scientifically proven that lightning strikes twice in the same place. This phenomenon of “doublet” due to the fact that electrical discharges in a thunderstorm are on the same path. However, there was one mystery – why it happens that way. Physics decided to solve this riddle of nature. For this team of scientists have studied lightning using a telescope LOFAR – this method allowed them to take pictures of lightning with nanosecond resolution.

“The use of radio waves enabled us to look into the depths of the storm clouds,” says physicist Brian hare, University of Groningen.

The process of formation of lightning begins with the appearance of a plasma pocket — a small ball of ionized gas. From him streams diverge charges, forming a kind of network of channels. Thanks to LOFAR, the scientists saw that this is not the whole charge.

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Part of the charged particles leaking through the gaps in the channels of the discharge, and forms a so-called needle. These needles are very short time. Other researchers of lightning couldn’t see. And these structures lead to the fact that lightning hit twice in one and the same point — needles serve as guides for new channels of discharge.

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