Scientists have unveiled a “smart capsule” that can get into a sick gut

Ученые представили "умную капсулу", способную пробраться в больной кишечник

Inside bowel capsule makes painless injections.

Indian developers are testing a “smart capsule” RaniPill for injection without a syringe and a pain directly in the wall of the intestine, writes the with reference to

Injections no one likes, but for some patients they become almost real hard. For example, patients with type I diabetes sometimes have to take insulin injections several times a day. So the developers are still trying to create a more “humane” replacement needles and syringes. A new project presented by a famous Indian inventor of medical instruments Mir Imran (Imran Mir), Creator of the implantable defibrillator. According to IEEE Spectrum, the prototype device has already undergone successful testing on humans.

For the development of “smart capsules” RaniPill team Imran has spent more than seven years. A miniature device is swallowed, and its shell is already dissolved in the acidic environment of the stomach. This leads to a mixing of the two chemicals in a special microemboli and separation of small quantities of carbon dioxide. The gas inflates a tiny elastic sphere, like a balloon, and it is already under pressure from the capsule and move the needle Injenernaya the drug directly to the intestinal wall.

It does not contain pain receptors, but are densely permeated by a network of vessels where he gets the cure. Meanwhile, dissolve the rest of the capsule, including needle made of biodegradable polymer, and the fragments come later along with the digested food. The developers have demonstrated that the use of RaniPill not cause problems if swallowed, passing through the digestive tract and even when inflating the “ball” and firing of needles.

Tests were carried out with about a hundred experimental animals and a variety of potentially useful drugs, including insulin. Successfully completed a test with 20 people, although in this case the team of Imran, while there were no drugs, just by checking the sensations of the volunteers from the application of “smart capsules”. No pain from such a hidden shot they really felt.

The next stage will be tested already with real patients and real medications. The inventors plan to add a “smart capsule” and even a small wireless sensor that will beep as soon as the medication is delivered to the target.

Ученые представили "умную капсулу", способную пробраться в больной кишечник

Ученые представили "умную капсулу", способную пробраться в больной кишечник


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