Scientists have warned about the imminent climate disaster

Ученые предупредили о скорой климатической катастрофе

Changing magnetic fields can cause serious consequences.

Climate scientists claim that very soon there will be a change of the magnetic poles of the Earth. The statement came from the scientists of Rochester University located in the United States. This assumption was made as a result of the data obtained about the change in the strength of the magnetic field that was observed in the South Atlantic anomaly in Africa, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

She has been for many years the interests of researchers, as an indicator of the strength of the magnetic field there are unusually high and equal to the indicators that are present at the height of a thousand kilometers above the planet’s surface.

Some scientists believe that the South Atlantic anomaly is a harbinger of the geomagnetic reversals. Recently in this area were found the remains of ancient utensils made of clay, which have been carefully studied. The discovery has attracted attention due to the fact that with the used method of manufacture of tableware, it is possible to fix the direction of the crystals, which are sensitive to magnetic fields. By results of researches it became known that the strength of the magnetic field changed several times in the years 400-450 ad 700-770 A. D., and 1225-1550 years BC.

Andrew poles hastened to reassure all those that even if the pole shift happens, not before a few million years. Another good news is that geomagnetic pole shifts very slowly when compared to the magnetic, the speed reaches 50 km in a year. No one can provide accurate information about when it may be a change of poles.

If to speak about the alleged accident, then at the max Planck Institute was a simulated situation of change of poles, which showed that it would have no impact on the biosphere. The only thing that can happen is the output from the system of satellites, power networks. Can also move to a new location the Northern lights.


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