Scientists made an unexpected discovery about the Australian aborigines

Ученые сделали неожиданное открытие об австралийских аборигенах

Australian aborigines ancient than we thought , the Indigenous population of the Australian continent is one of the most ancient on the planet, proven by the fact of existence and living in Australia for over 65,000 years, making them the oldest continuous human civilization, reports the with reference to Fainaidea.

However, today was presented the research of experts from the city of Warrnambool in Victoria, which conducted a study about a very unusual site in the city, whose materials and traces of material culture of Australian aborigines call into question current Dating of their arrival on the continent of Africa. And indeed call into question the Dating of development and human settlement in principle.

The fact that the excavation site, scientists have discovered many traces of aboriginal older generation, armed with the most modern and high-precision tools and methods of scientific analysis, scientists have determined that the site dates back to around 120,000 years ago – and this is exactly two times more than is considered according to official statistics and anthropological history of the aborigines of Australia.

Scientists first carefully studied the remains of the natural environment, such as rocks, sea shells and pieces of charcoal – all of this suggests that it was there systematic of ancient Australians. According to preliminary data and estimates, the age of the Parking lot is 120 thousand years, despite the fact that the first signs of human presence on the continent date from about 70,000 ago. It becomes clear that the new results and the evidence of the material culture of Australian aborigines in the town Warrnambool can wipe out modern Dating.

And it gets really interesting step towards the restoration of the true picture of life and the anthropological development of Australia as a resettlement of the indigenous population it is worth noting the fact that experts-anthropologists are in no hurry to deduce any definite results of the study because it can still hide some external factors outside of the paradigm and methodology of scientists. Still wait for reports from specialists concerning your project.


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