Scientists: on the Ground repeats the problem of 250 million ago

Ученые: на Земле повторяется проблема 250 миллионной давности

Experts have warned of the danger.

Global warming started to have an impact on ocean animals, many species of which are beginning to die out, reports the with reference to Accents.

This was reported by National Geographic, based on research conducted by famous oceanographers.

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm: the oceans began to lose the types of its inhabitants one by one, many unique animals are dying and cannot be saved because of the warming global climate, pollution, ocean debris and a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Experts say that 250 million years ago the planet was facing a similar problem, even if it was caused by other circumstances. At the time, disappeared around 96% of all inhabitants of the world ocean.

In the past, the extinction of ocean species was caused by the eruptions of volcanoes, located on the territory of modern Siberia. Because of this, there was a release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the water temperature began to rise. Derives a similar situation.

It is stated that already, many species of flora and fauna are at risk and may disappear from the face of the Earth in the coming years. To the 2300-year problem with the extinction of marine and ocean animals can achieve global impact. It is necessary to take radical measures to save endangered species now, or very soon it may be too late.

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