Scientists refused to pounds: what is used instead

130 years later, scientists have set a new standard kilogram without equating the physical object

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Ученые отказались от килограмма: что используют вместо него

Pounds will be checked in another way

For 130 years, scientists around the world used the cylinder from an alloy of iridium and platinum, which served as the physical standard kilogram. May 20 it is no longer an official equivalent of the kilogram in the Chamber of weights and measures and sent to “retire”. Instead of cylinder invented a new method of accurate measurement – the kilogram will be calculated using Planck’s constant.

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The kilogram remained the last unit of mass in the International system of units that uses for determining the physical object. One over time it became clear that the mass of cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy changes over time – approximately 50 micrograms per 100 years, which is inconsistent with SI standards.

Ученые отказались от килограмма: что используют вместо него

Scales Of Kibble

Now the pounds will be tested out with weights Kibble. This is a modification to the current weights setting the ratio between the mass and electrical power. In these scales the benchmark performs the load balancing the repulsive force between the permanent magnet and the coil is energized.

We will remind that earlier scientists have warned humanity about the danger of 5G communication, which will hit the climate and the weather becomes unpredictable. Also recently discovered that lightning is accompanied by unexplained by science phenomena.

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