Scientists said how to guess the duration of his life

Ученые ответили, как угадать продолжительность своей жизни

American scientists came to the conclusion that the main reference point for determining the longevity is heredity. If you know how many years parents, with a high probability and you will live the same — the opinion of scientific experts published the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, says Magicforum.

Before making this finding, the researchers analyzed data from eight years of observing a large group of people (186 151 people) aged from 55 to 73 years old. This analysis revealed a definite relationship age parameters of parents and their offspring.

“People who have both parents over 70 years of age have a 17% chance to live to the same age than their peers who buried parents to 70-year anniversary. A chance to live to 70 years people have increased by 68%, if one of the parents has celebrated its 100-year anniversary”, — said the authors of a research project they discovered a pattern.

Also the study revealed that children of parents with a fairly high life expectancy is statistically less likely to suffer from dangerous diseases. In particular, the researchers found that children of parents who have stepped the threshold of the 70th anniversary, 7% less likely to develop cancer and 20% less with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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