Scientists say that 4 thousand years ago there was a nuclear war

Ученые утверждают, что 4 тысячи лет назад была ядерная война

Scientists believe that the first time nuclear weapons were used in 1945, and in the distant second Millennium BC – at this point some of the ancient texts.

In the Indian epic Mahabharata there are rows that describe the war, which ended in complete destruction. Appeared the aircraft and dropped the shell, “charged with the power of the Universe.” In a moment up rose a column of smoke and fire. He was as bright as 10,000 suns, writes the with reference to

Scientists have no doubt that the Mahabharata tells the story of a nuclear battle that started 4 thousand years ago. On the date of the battle is debatable, then how about the fact a nuclear war – no. The epic was written long before the industrial revolution, so the data in it cannot be made up.

People could not to describe in detail the consequences of the explosion, not transferring it into real life. In materials it is noted that birds fell to the ground exhausted, food has become poison in the waters killed the fish, and the people began to lose hair.

All the works of the Mahabharata official scientists are perceived as myths, but something a lot of realism in the rows of books. Birds Orient themselves in space by a magnetic field. When a nuclear explosion occurs powerful electromagnetic pulse, which leads to disorientation of birds. And to stun the fish, we really need to activate a nuclear bomb – the simple barrels of gunpowder will not suffice.


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