Scientists say that by 2050 Australia will not be winter

Ученые утверждают, что к 2050 году в Австралии не будет зимы

In their study, a team of scientists and designers Australian national University have created a model that showed the climate of Australian cities in 2050. The results led to a startling discovery: 30 years of winter in the usual sense of the word in Australia will not.

The team of the Institute of art and design at the Australian national University (ANU) and the Institute for climate change ANA in the project used data from the Bureau of meteorology and scientific information for landowners (Bureau of Meteorology and Scientific Information for Land Owners). After they have collected all the necessary information, a team of researchers ANA was looking for a way to present it so that it has found the greatest response from the public, reports the with reference to

“This meant the use of color, shape and size around the composition of the dial, showing the temperature values for the whole year in a single shot, making it visually rich and interesting and contains a lot of detail, emotionally affecting residents of a particular city,” – says one of the study’s authors Jeff Hinchliff (Geoff Hinchliffe) in the published press release.

In preparing its project, the team noticed that their predictions were not consistent with the current four seasons. They looked at historical average temperature in each season and compared them with the predicted data. It turned out that in the future a period of prolonged winter simply will not be continent, except for some regions of Tasmania. Researchers believe that instead of winter Australians will experience spring, autumn and over a protracted season, which they call the “new summer.” During this new season, temperatures will consistently reach 40 degrees Celsius. Using this data, people can consider thousands of places throughout Australia to see how to change the weather in their hometown by 2050. With the project can be found on a specially created website.

This is not the only initiative which aims to introduce the public to the consequences of climate change. Not so long ago a group of researchers from the USA presented a similar project which compares climate cities in the United States in the year 2080 with climate of other cities today. So, it is noted that as a result of expected changes in the residents of Washington (D.C.) in terms of climate will feel as residents of the United States, where flows the Mississippi river, the climate of new York will resemble the North Arkansas, and the temperature of Houston (the largest city in Texas) will move into Mexican territory.

Presenting climate projections means that the public can have a direct bearing on, scientists are trying to show the impact of climate change more relevant and real to encourage humanity to a global solution of this problem.


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