Scientists spoke about the impact of massive stars on the formation of the Earth

Ученые рассказали о влиянии массивной звезды на формирование Земли

During the formation of the Solar system, far from it there appeared a supernova.

Scientists said that the Earth became as it is now, thanks to the influence of a massive star, which was located in the vicinity of the Sun. Without the influence of radiation, which emitted another star, our planet could become a water world with an impenetrable crust of ice, according to the website of the University of Michigan, reports the online edition of the with reference to

In the study, researchers conducted a computer simulation that allowed them to simulate the formation of planetary systems. “The results of our simulation showed that there are two qualitatively different types of systems. One of them similar to our Solar system, whose planets contain little water, and they dominated the planet-the oceans as the property of their system there were no other stars in the period of its formation,” said one of the scientists Tim Lautenberg.

Scientists emphasize that the water is about 75% of the Earth’s surface, while the inner planets of the Solar system are very dry. It makes our planet very special. If rocky planets contain much more water than Land, their mantle is covered by a global ocean, the bottom of which is an impenetrable layer of ice. This prevents processes necessary for the emergence of life.

In the study, researchers conducted a simulation of the formation of planets from planetesimals – rocky celestial bodies with a diameter of several tens of kilometers. Simulations showed that during the formation of the Solar system nearby was a massive star that became a supernova, tossed it in a corner of the huge amount of radioactive elements, including aluminium-26. These items are then entered into the Solar system.

The presence of such elements in planetesimal allowed to drain the excess water and prevent the formation of the global ocean with a thick layer of ice. Started the carbon cycle, which helped to stabilize the climate and led to the formation of conditions suitable for the origin of life.

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