Screening campaign in China after the outbreak of coronavirus

Campagne de dépistage en Chine après l'apparition d'un foyer de coronavirus

China launched Saturday a screening campaign in Xinjiang after the discovery of a new outbreak of coronavirus in the vast region of the north-west of the country, where lives, in particular the minority muslim uighurs, raising fears of a rebound of contamination.

These new cases illustrate the difficulty for China, the first country affected by the virus in late 2019, the eradication of the pandemic.

The screening campaign comes in the wake of the decision of the authorities to stop most of the air links with Urumqi, the regional capital of Xinjiang, and close to the metro and public transport services.

The city of 3.5 million inhabitants, had until Saturday 17 new cases of COVID-19, according to the authorities.

The screening campaigns must begin in the buildings where the new cases have been reported, and will cover ultimately all the city, announced the head of the committee of local health, Zhang Wei.

“The whole city was in a “state of war” and all the group activities will be suspended,” said an official at the briefing, according to the State media.

Residents of Urumqi have been called not to leave the city, except in cases of absolute necessity.

China, where the novel coronavirus has been identified in late 2019, has largely contained the epidemic, thanks to strict measures of containment and mass screening campaigns.

But a new outbreak occurred in Beijing in June, contaminating more than 330 people before content.

Xinjiang was one of the first areas where the students are returned to school at the end of march, after the authorities have announced the end of the first wave of the pandemic.

A little less than half of the inhabitants of this immense territory, semi-desert are from the minority of the Uighurs, mostly muslims, speaking a language related to Turkish.

Many of them claim to be victims of a political repression and religious imposed by the communist Party in power for decades, the central power mad.

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