Screening clinics the COVID could close

Des cliniques de dépistage de la COVID pourraient fermer

MONTREAL – Some of the clinical screening of COVID-19 located in the warm areas of Montreal, where there are several cases of coronavirus, may have to close their doors due to low ridership.

This is the case in the district of Saint-Michel on the territory of the CIUSSS the Is-of-the-Island-of-Montreal where the number of tests screening is increased from 1200 to 800 per day.

Nathalie Rochon, coordinator CIUSSS said worried. “I have the impression that it does not reach the populations that you would like to see come to screen. They are not present and do not have a positive response to the invitation that they are made being close by,” she explained.

“It gives the false image that the pandemic is over, she added. This is not the case at all. The message does not pass well. Actions must be put in place. For us, it is a sign of alarm.”

In the late morning on Thursday, only eight people were screened at the clinic that was visited by VAT.

Yet the tests of the COVID get used to it quickly. No need of appointment or medicare card and there was no wait, the test is simple and the result is provided in a reasonable period of time.

“When one comes for testing, this is not just for us, it is for the family, our neighbors, our friends, those who do not want to be contaminated at the grocery store. It is necessary to respect the people around us at work, at home. We want to see our grandparents and our elders, it must be tested,” argued Josée Foucault, nurse at CIUSSS the Is-of-the-Island-of-Montreal.

“The second wave might happen sooner than you think. We are up for it,” added Mrs. Eddy.

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