Screening for 4 STIs soon free and without a prescription in the laboratory for young people

Screening for 4 STIs soon free and without a prescription in the laboratory for young people

Dépistage gratuit et sans ordonnance de 4 IST pour les moins de 26 ans

A partir du 1er septembre 2024, les moins de 26 ans pourront se rendre dans un laboratoire d’analyses médicales afin de se faire dépister gratuitement pour l’hépatite B, la syphilis, la gonorrhée et les infections à Chlamydia.

A decree published on Monday, July 8 in the Official Journal establishes the list of syphilis (Treponema pallidum infection) and hepatitis B virus infection. The decree will come into force on September 1, 2024.

When admitted to the laboratory, the patient will be given a questionnaire. “The results of this questionnaire allow the medical biologist to direct the patient towards the most relevant screenings and the most appropriate self-sampling methods, in light of their sexual practices and in accordance with current scientific recommendations”, specifies the decree. The questionnaire asks the patient about:

the presence of possible symptoms (pain when urinating, lesions in the anal or genital areas, pain in the lower abdomen, abnormal vaginal bleeding or secretions, discharge from the penis); the number of partners over the last 12 months; sexual practices; possible known STIs in one or more sexual partners.

Patients referred to a health center in the event of a positive result

In the event of a positive result for HIV or one of these STIs, the patient will be seen or contacted by the laboratory which will refer them to a suitable care structure. In addition , "a report of results including the main information for referral to care as well as prevention messages on the risks of pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections to sexual partners is transmitted to the patient.

Minors who object to consultation with the holder(s) of parental authority may be screened as soon as the protection of their sexual and reproductive health is at stake. They will then be directed to a CeGIDD (free information, screening and diagnosis center) and must go there accompanied by the adult of their choice.

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