Screening of the COVID-19: “It is not satisfied with the number of tests”

Dépistage de la COVID-19: «On n’est pas satisfaits du nombre de tests»

Despite a capacity of screening of 16 000 tests, the department of public health failed to achieve over 9000 to 12 000 tests per day.

A situation that the prime minister of Québec, François Legault, wishes to correct.

“It is a question of adjustment. In total, it has much more capacity than the number of test that is carried out, but not always in the right place, so it is in the process of adjusting”, he said in a press briefing on Tuesday.

He admits that if certain screening clinics are overflowing and have to wait Quebecers more than two or three hours, other are almost empty.

“The question is to distribute the locations where the tests. […] In some places, it is congested and in some places there is no person or close”, has launched the prime minister.

François Legault ensures that adjustments are under way to allow more people to get tested.

“Public Health will continue to adjust our service offering so that we are able to do more tests and that there is much less waiting for people who agree to be tested”, he said.

Customers of bars

The appeal launched by the government Legault so that the bar patrons pass a screening test of the COVID-19 has helped to overburden the clinics.

The prime minister is satisfied with the latest decisions taken in relation to restaurants and bars.

“It was a special work for the people who have frequented the bars. It has actually been a little more positive cases than usual in these people, so it comes to confirm that we had reason to make a special appeal and tightening the rules in the bars,” said François Legault.

The situation in the Mauricie region

The national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, was crossing in the Mauricie region to take stock of the situation surrounding the COVID-19 in the region.

He took the opportunity to remind people that the battle against the new case of coronavirus was far from won, and was reminded of the importance of complying with the health rules laid down by the government.


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