Screening Tests: it should not be a refusal, says Dr. Arruda

Tests de dépistage: il ne devrait pas y avoir de refus, martèle le Dr Arruda

Any person who wishes to be tested for the COVID-19 has access to it, whether it presents or not of symptoms, hammered Dr Horacio Arruda, Tuesday.

Asked about the directives in force regarding screening tests, the national director of public health wished to dispel the doubts of the population.

“There’s no refusal, it should not be and, if there is, there is a problem, because one of the screening centres, which, currently, can’t even fill their appointment”, he insisted in a press briefing, in the company of the premier of Quebec, François Legault.

Since Dr. Arruda has said that Quebec’s objective was to conduct 14 000 tests on a daily basis, this goal has been reached only three times, show the data of the national Institute of public health (INSPQ).

On several occasions, the number of tests carried out in the province was even less than 7000, or less than half of the established target.

“I invite the population to do so and, as I said, our prime minister [François Legault] and my minister [of Health, Christian Dubé] consider that the tests that are done currently are not at the level where they should be, and it is currently working on a new testing strategy”, was repeated by Dr. Arruda.

Screening tests could be made at the border between Québec and the United States, in the event of its re-opening, currently scheduled for July 21 next, he mentioned. This could also be the case in places of socialization such as bars, and in certain regions of Quebec where there are outbreaks.


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