Sealed by the pandemic, Donald Trump is at bay

Plombé par la pandémie, Donald Trump est aux abois

Widely criticized for its indecisiveness in the face of the health crisis, defenseless in the face of an opponent with the elusive Donald Trump, is trying, in vain so far, to bounce back.

“Excellent news on the vaccines! “, he tweeted Wednesday morning, wishing to turn to any price on the page of the COVID-19 the approach of the presidential election of November 3.

But the reality is grim: the number of reported cases is on the rise in nearly 40 States out of 50. California announced Tuesday that it is closing part of its economy.

With curves of infection, which have taken paths completely different from those of Europe, the United States is in a very bad position.

The tenant of the White House dodge as much as you can about the subject.

On Tuesday, during a press conference organized in haste, to denounce the attitude of the China, but also vilify Joe Biden, he has hardly referred to the policy of his government with the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, he travels to Atlanta for a speech focusing on the upgrading of infrastructure in the united states.

The attempt to discredit the famous immunologist Anthony Fauci, who said bluntly that the u.s. strategy in the face of the virus does not work, has been a flop.

Within his camp, some voices were raised to call the president and his inner circle, to tackle seriously the problem rather than looking for scapegoats.

“We don’t have a problem Fauci “, has thundered the influential republican senator Lindsey Graham. “I have all the respect in the world for Dr. Fauci, and, honestly, any attempt to destabilize it will not be very productive.”

Peter Navarro


The White House is now trying, in some confusion, to calm down the game.

In a column published Tuesday in USA Today, Peter Navarro, principal advisor to Trump on the trade, took up with a virulence unprecedented in Dr. Fauci.

“If you ask me if I listen to the advice of Dr. Fauci, my answer is: only with caution and skepticism “.

Scarce, on Wednesday morning, Alyssa Farah, communications director of the White House, has cracked a tweet condemning this close advisor to Trump.

This forum ” has not been validated according to the normal process of the White House, and reflects only the opinion of Peter “, she wrote.

Rather discreet, and merely a campaign at a minimum, Joe Biden took the opportunity to time the most of this disintegration of the power trumpien.

Surfing the surveys are favourable, including land republican, he denounced “the failed response” of Trump in the face of the COVID-19, and updated its strategy on the electoral map.

Tuesday, it was the first time they aired a spot campaign in Texas, a State that has not voted for a democratic candidate to the White House since 1976, and where an average of polls gives it to a tie with Donald Trump.

“The increase in the number of cases (coronavirus) causes fear and apprehension,” he says in the spot. “If you’re sick, if you are in trouble… I will not abandon you not “, he adds, against a background of images of first-aiders hidden, of parents and children as well as people communicating with their loved ones through a glass.

The concern is palpable in the republican, where a heavy silence settled.

The democratic candidate beat the republican chairman of nine percentage points in the average of national surveys conducted by the website RealClearPolitics.

It is also in the lead in at least five States-keys that could decide the election: Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Donald Trump takes him to an angle of attack that does not encounter as an echo limited: to portray his democratic opponent as an old man without energy, manipulated by the radical left.

Everything in its denunciation, it said Tuesday, in a slip of the tongue, which summarized his dismay, that Bernie Sanders, who claims the label of socialist, pulled his opponent toward…”right”.

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