Season 2 on Vrai on Tuesday: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse returns with four new episodes of Espaces

Season 2 on Vrai from Tuesday: Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse returns with four new é episodes of Spaces


Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse is back with four new episodes of her series “Spaces“, which democratizes splendid architectural projects on the Vrai platform.  

The actress and host, who shone in the last “Bye Bye”, once again visits magnificent residences designed by architects and designers. The program is not only made up of tours of the owner, since we meet the occupants and the professionals who have helped them create an environment – ​​inspiring and inspired – that meets their needs and their way of life.

For this new version, Sarah-Jeanne travels first to Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well as the Acadian Peninsula, New Brunswick, with the team even visiting Toronto this season, as well as Montreal and the Estrie. Sarah-Jeanne meets architect Omar Gandhi in Halifax. This one makes us appreciate its new nest, resolutely modern and full of wood. The black/anthracite bathroom is absolutely fabulous and we love the skylights.

She then goes to Sainte-Anne-du-Bocage, in Acadia, where she is received by little Nikolai, 2 years old, as well as by his parents Matthias, a German living in Canada, and his spouse Marie-Christine. The couple renovated one of the oldest houses in the area from top to bottom, retaining its old character. It's very authentic and warm.

The actress and host remains spontaneous in her comments, as in the first season, which makes the exercise even more true, even when she lacks words in front of the beauty of the place. She never sees photos before she arrives there. “I really find it more 'fun' to discover the houses for real, rather than doing fake 'wows'!” she explained to the QMI Agency.

If the adventure of “Spaces” continues, she would like to go outside the country, citing in passing Argentina, the Japan and Mexico, the fact of having traveled to the Maritimes and Toronto for the second season constituting in his eyes “a first step”.

Moving again?

Sarah-Jeanne, who is keen on architecture and design, is inspired by all the visits she makes. This could encourage him to redo his boxes. We followed in her other series, “Passion dust”, on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA, her project to renovate the home she now shares with her husband, comedian Marc-André Grondin – creator of “Espaces” – and their child Lawrence, born on April 20.

Marc-André, who is also a producer at Fair-Play, had spoken to him about the “Espaces” project even before they formed a couple. The couple now want to develop another project in the neighborhood where they live, in Montreal, with the intention of “participate in the architecture” and the beautification of the area. He could move in or just do it for others. To be continued.

A very busy woman

Sarah-Jeanne shot the second season of “Espaces” last year, but also the fourth season of “Revolution” for TVA as well as the series “Les révoltés”, expected this summer on Club illico, in which she gives the reply to her friend Pier-Luc Funk. She was also featured in the latest 'Bye Bye'.

“It was busy, it was ambitious, but in the end it all came together. My boyfriend was also working [he was shooting “Reasonable Doubt 2” for ICI Télé and “IXE-13” for Club illico]. We have a very good baby, we love each other, we have good agents and we had help,” said Sarah-Jeanne.

  • Season 2 of “Espaces” is available this Tuesday on Vrai.