Sébastien Frey elected mayor of Agde by a united majority

Sébastien Frey elected mayor of Agde by a united majority

Avec 27 voix, contre six pour Thierry Nadal et une pour Fabienne Varesano, Sébastien Frey a été élu maire d’Agde. MIDI LIBRE – MICKAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Celui qui était 1er adjoint depuis 2001 succède à Gilles D’Ettore, incarcéré depuis plus de deux mois maintenant. Sébastien Frey a pu compter sur toutes les voix de la majoirité face aux candidatures de Thierry Nadal et Fabienne Varesano.

There was electricity in the air this Friday evening, Guillemin room, on the occasion of the election by the Agde municipal council of the new mayor of the town, less than two years from the next municipal elections. A first in the history of the city, a direct consequence of the resignation of the now former first councilor Gilles D’Ettore, a week ago.

A favorite that didn't shake

Logical favorite of this secret ballot, the 1st deputy Sébastien Frey was elected without surprise or suspense. The deputies and municipal councilors of the majority voted as one man and not a single vote was missing to establish the legitimacy of the now new mayor.

The opposition rises in its speeches

Faced with him, Thierry Nadal (Agde just, green, safe) and Fabienne Varesano (Rassemblement agathois) had few illusions. Despite numerous supports in the room and the same call to vote for them made to all elected officials from Agatha, they were only able to count on the votes that were theirs: six for Thierry Nadal , one for Fabienne Varesano.

This vote decided in advance did not prevent the two opponents, authorized to speak before the vote, from shooting Sébastien Frey with red cannonballs. "When an elected official presents himself in an election, it’s as if he were asking the question : “have you trust in me ? ” I regret to say that no, Mr. Frey, I do not trust you", said Doctor Nadal, once again evoking the "a fusional pair that you formed with Gilles D’Ettore ! " The former deputy for urban planning of Gilles D’Ettore, who left the majority in 2012, also regretted < em>"that the mayor's office colleagues stay in business. If you are elected, will this system continue ? Will it be you or them in charge ?"

In her very cash style, Fabienne Varesano bluntly asked the Agathois elected officials "not to endorse the election of Mr. Frey. Bail which, sooner or later, will taint your integrity." She also recalled having filed a complaint concerning the building permit for the house of Gilles D’Ettore's former partner and announced that she would be on Monday "in the premises of the SRPJ" for, according to her, "a new case involving Mr. Frey."

The new mayor’s unifying speech

Threat which obviously had little effect on Sébastien Frey. Who wanted to be "the mayor of all the Agathois", insisting on "proximity, ;rsquo;listen", which would guide its action, that of elected officials and the administration. Insisting on "the need to restore dialogue and authority", he also warned that he would not comment on the current legal case concerning Gilles D’Ettore. The former mayor whose action Sébastien Frey underlined, which will mark the history of our city. I also have a thought for man and especially for his children."
Action which the municipality will continue to take advantage of, "which will continue that carried out for several years in the service of the Agathois and validated by universal suffrage. All announced projects will be carried out." The first promise of the new mayor of Agde.


Sébastien Frey elected mayor of Agde by a united majority

From left. to the right. : Chantal Guilhou (11th deputy), Louis Bentajou (10th deputy), Clémence Raphanel (9th deputy), Robert Craba (8th deputy), Christine Antoine (7th deputy), Ghislain Tourreau (6th deputy), Sébastien Frey (mayor), Martine Vibarel (5th assistant), Christian Villa (4th assistant), Sylviane Peyret (3rd assistant), Jérôme Bonnafoux (2nd assistant) and Eve Escande (1st assistant). FREE NOON – MICKAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

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