Second edition of the Rand’orientation: a day dedicated to the health benefits of sport

Second edition of the Rand’orientation: a day dedicated to the health benefits of sport

The two association presidents with Dominique Lacambra (center), delegated advisor for Sport Santé. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

The sporting event organized by the Nîmes Mont Aigual Rotary club and the Nîmes sport santé association will be held on April 28 at Clos Gaillard.

A first edition took place in September 2021, and postponed until November due to bad weather. "This year, we hope it will be a good one and that the weather will be on our side."

Through the voice of their president, the Nîmes Mont Aigoual Rotary club and the Nîmes sport santé association will organize for the second time the Rand’sport health orientation. A day dedicated to hiking, organized on Sunday, April 28, from 9:30 a.m., at Clos Gaillard.

An annual tradition

Created in 2002, the recognized Nîmes sport santé association Maison Sport Santé works on a daily basis to support people in their resumption of physical and sporting activities, "whether they have a mental disability, suffer from chronic illnesses or are getting older", says Christophe Martinez, director of the Nîmes association.

In 2021, the Nîmes Sport Santé association contacted the Nîmes Mont Aigual Rotary club, chaired by Danièle Paoli, to highlight its commitment to health and well-being. After a complicated first edition, although praised by the participants, the organizers reiterated their commitment, choosing the date themselves, with the hope of making this experience an annual tradition.< /p>

Uniting sport and health

"This day has two objectives: to remind people of the extent to which the practice of physical and sporting activity is essential for health, and to harvest funds for the operation of the association", continues Christophe Martinez. For the occasion, different routes will be offered to participants. "A first more family-friendly course of 3.2 km, another beginner of 5.9 km and a more sporty course of 7.5 km." When walking, running or Nordic walking, the goal is simple: "have fun", says Danièle Paoli.

This year, the Rand’orientation will take place under the sign of health, being labeled as a major national cause encouraging movement for thirty minutes a day. The funds collected during this event will be donated to the Nîmes Sport Santé association to support its actions aimed at improving the comfort and well-being of members. Escape Game, Land’Art workshop, and tags to find… Throughout the route, activities will be organized.

On this day of sharing and conviviality, organized in partnership with the city of Nîmes, participants will also be able to enjoy a village of stands with musical warm-ups, an introduction to Nordic walking, as well as goodies offered by sponsors at the start of the hike.

Registration on site from 9:30 a.m., by telephone at 06:31:41:83, by email: asso@nimessportsante. fr, or online. Price: 10 € for adults and 5 € for children (free for children under 8 years old).

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