Second life: how to make shorts from old jeans

From old clothes to make a new piece of clothing

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27 Jun, 17:07

Short shorts in this heat are as relevant as ever, and they don’t have to run to the store. The correspondent of “Today” Natalia Timoshina she tried and ready to tell you how to turn a plain old pair of jeans into trendy summer new clothes.

Cheap denim shorts online can be purchased for 170 hryvnias.

But there is an option more budget – trim your old jeans! But to do it properly. A few secrets reveals cutter Elena:

“Cut them very evenly – see, so we got a beautiful silhouette – we add up. Take a ruler and soapy, align this line”, – says Elena Katsuba, cutter.

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The edges can be treated in several ways. The first original, but tedious.

“Method of taking out threads we get fringe. This process is very monotonous, sitting in front of the TV we do it”, – says Elena.

The second option is for the lazy: “to Podcating – and will also be beautiful, zavturove or do here clips”.

Вторая жизнь: как сделать шорты из старых джинсов

Make old jeans new shorts

But there is a method for the daring! To hem jeans so that you can see the pocket! Furthermore, of the men’s jeans can be done dresses.

“I am wearing a dress – in the past men’s jeans! In fact, just a rectangle” – shares the secrets cutter.

Fashion inventors are advised not to throw away the denim, because he is always in the trend.

Earlier we told you how to wear jeans of different styles.

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