Second trial for “the photographer of the stars”

Second process for & ldquo; celebrity photographer & rdquo;

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Pending judgment following a trial on charges of indecent assault and gross indecency, “celebrity photographer” Roland Lachance found himself again in Court, Tuesday, to undergo a second trial. & nbsp;

This time, the actions accused of the one who has accumulated the pictures of stars throughout his career would have occurred in the 90s like a 14-year-old teenager in the context of a “long-term relationship. Which would have been spread over two years. & nbsp;

It was while hitchhiking that Philippe (fictitious first name) got to know Lachance, now 89 years old, and it was during these “transports” that Lachance suggested to him to become “his assistant”. & nbsp;

As part of the trial, several photos of the complainant taken by Lachance while they were in the company of Celine Dion, singer Claude Barzotti and singer Joe Bocan were also filed by the prosecutor, Me Michel Bérubé. & nbsp;

Proposal & nbsp;

“He also asked me if I wanted to take pictures for him, do parades … & nbsp; J 'was still a little excited about that … because we did not have a lot of money … so I saw there, a way to do it, “Philippe testified before judge Thomas Jacques. & nbsp;

One thing led to another, the photographer would have woven his web until the day when he suggested to the young teenager to lower his pants and “get on a little bench” at the Frontenac Motel, which has since been set on fire. & nbsp;

“He said he wanted to have my cum in his mouth, that he had heart problems and that he needed his drops …”, he said said. A situation which, according to the complainant, would have been repeated “between 25 and 50 times”. & nbsp;

The last time around, the photographer allegedly pushed the bill and asked the boy to take off his pants because he wanted to lick the child's anus while he masturbated. & Nbsp;

“That was the last time, “dropped Philippe, adding that he wanted to denounce in order to” live better, have peace, stop having the rage inside of me and be able to look my children in the eyes “. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

He denies & nbsp;

In defense, Lachance made himself heard and, just like for his first trial, if he admitted to having crossed paths with Philippe, he denied the sexual assault altogether before admitting “certain activities” with lip service. . & nbsp;

“Everything he said was made up. We might have masturbated but I can't remember. 90% of what he said is not true, “said the octogenarian, adding that the child” used “it to meet” stars “. & nbsp;

In pleadings, Lachance's lawyer, Me François Cauchon recalled that in 1990, the age of consent was 14 years old and that nothing in the evidence shows that it was not 'never offered. & nbsp;

The judge will render his decision in mid-March. & nbsp;

 Second process for & ldquo; celebrity photographer & rdquo;

 Second process for & ldquo; celebrity photographer & rdquo;

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