Second year internship in a company: stay at home, go to high school… what should students do who have not found an internship ?

Second year internship in a company: stay at home, go to high school... what should students do who have not found an internship ?

Que vont devoir faire les élèves de seconde qui n'ont pas trouvé de stage en entreprise ? Illustration Unsplash

Starting this Monday, June 17, second-year students will be doing a mandatory two-week internship in a company. However, nearly 30% of students have not found an internship supervisor and are left without a solution. What are they required to do in these circumstances? ?

It is the rule starting this year, all high school students in the second year of general and technological studies, enrolled in public and private institutions, must complete a mandatory two-week internship. On the first day of this internship period, many students are nevertheless on the floor, not having found a company or structure to host them.

Problem, because the Ministry of Education specifies that “this sequence is included in the school year calendar and is mandatory in their schooling”. What should these young people do during the two weeks of the internship ?

Go to high school

In its FAQ dedicated to this subject, the ministry indicates that if ever a student is in a host location to carry out his observation internship, he will be "welcomed in his establishment. He benefits from online solutions for discovering professional environments and carries out documentary research there to clarify or perfect his orientation project".

To summarize, the students will still have to go to the high school, to settle in CDI type rooms, equipped with computers, where they will be able to think about their orientation, in particular thanks to video capsules from the school. rsquo;Onisep, recalls Les Échos. The newspaper specified, however, at the beginning of June, that heads of establishments had already indicated that it would be impossible to accommodate these students, particularly in high schools which take the baccalaureate.

Are we at risk of a sanction?

Is it possible to stay at home during this period? This is quite delicate since it is clearly indicated on the National Education website that the student remains "under the responsibility of the head of the establishment". But for Sophie Vénétitay, from the Sness-FSU teaching union, interviewed by Le Figaro Étudiant, "we are not going to be able to push the walls. In reality what is emerging is that the students will be able to come for a few days during the period, but that they will stay at home the rest of the time.

The student who does not have an internship does not, however, risk any sanction, since these two weeks of internship are not graded and do not give rise to a written or oral report .

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